Detailed Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning a wedding takes a great toll on the couple and for the immediate family and friends. It takes plenty of planning and organizing for the greatest few day in a Bride’s and Groom’s life. It takes almost and years’ worth of planning to make that special day more magical. Here’s a detailed timeline of the essential items that you need to check in at the appropriate time.

12 months before the wedding

It is rather important to research and finalize the venue of where you are planning to host the wedding reception. You need to analyze if the selected location can accommodate the number of guests as per your guest list. The location also has to suffice all your other requirements that you wish from the place.

By this stage you will need to have an approximate guest number and take measures in finalizing the list in the coming months.

10 months before the wedding

By this time would be the perfect time to pick an officiate. Make sure you inform the relevant party of the date, time, venue and all other necessary details pertaining the wedding programme. This would also be the ideal time for the bride to select her bridal party who will be part of the bridal retinue. Research and select the appropriate vendors for all your bridal needs. From dressmaker to hair dresser to florist and even musician all needs to be handed over.

8 months before the wedding

This would be the perfect time to select and order your dress. Hire photographer which suits your budget. Do not spend overly unnecessarily.

Hire photographer who are experienced and have the beautiful creative photos that will be memorable to the couple till the end. Photos are all what makes the memories last a lifetime. So it’s wise to make a best decision to hire or opt to photo booth that can have a quality instant prints of photos.

During this period its best to visit cake makers and do cake tastings. When you have found out the ideal cake you like, make sure to place the order along with the required quantity. Make sure to finalize the guest list to make the final count of the number of guests. Begin hair and makeup trials and select the most appropriate type of makeover that will suit your personality and dress.

2 months before the wedding

This would be the ideal time to send off all the wedding invites to the number of guests. Plan out your bridal shower or bachelor’s night. Get your bridal dress fit on’s finalized and ready for the big day.

Big day!

Get married and have the time of our life!